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As a recently Retired Real Estate agent with 18 years of experience, I would like to offer my professional real estate experience to you that may live in other parts of Sweden or in other parts of the world.
With my prior experience I can help you purchase a home in the High Coast/Västernorrland area.

Services that I will be providing:

Once you have found a property/house that you are interested in, I will do in-depth viewing on the property/house without you having to make a long trip yourself.
I will contact the realtor/seller for a viewing of the property/house.
I recognize weak points in a home so you will receive a written/verbal document pertaining to the current condition of property/house, you will also receive photos of the property/house.
I am very familiar with the area and very knowledgeable on current property/housing prices, so as a buyer you will receive a correct purchase price.
I am not an authorized home inspector so my observations are based on my professional experience and the information provided by the seller, realtor and land registry.
Fees and price information are available on request.
This service is only available in Västernorrland.
For more information please contact Hans Gering.


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